Disability Arts : Bay Area

This accessible WordPress project was created by my partner (Andres Gonzalaz) and me (Elijah Schwarz) for our final community college project. 

I was the UX Designer and Frontend Developer, while Andres was the Programmer and Backend Developer. I was also the “SCRUM Master”, or Project Manager, as the site was based on my original mockup, I was responsible for much of the organization of the workflow. I spend most of my time in the CSS and JavaScript files, and in Photoshop. 

Andres, the backend developer and programmer, organized our efficient file system, and is to credit for the efficiency of many of the plugins as well as the speed of our site. 

Because this was a two-person project, we both ended up sharing more of the responsibilities than we originally intended, which ultimately made us a more productive team. We both found this project to be a rewarding learning experience which greatly helped us to expand our skillset. 

We both had a lot of fun with this project, and we are glad that our work is going towards a good cause.