Basic Website Template With Flex

This is a CSS3/HTML5 template I developed with flex elements. It is extremely simple, with just a gallery feature and a dropdown menu to make it special. The template is responsive to different screen sizes. 

I am staying in an area that is somewhat snowy in the wintertime, which is unusual for me. I'm used to rainy winters and flooding, but seeing snow is a new experience. The colors I saw outside this winter inspired the colors and general theme of this template.

The theme is also inspired by web developer and artist Angel Yates. When I was a teen, my friends and I loved her web-based games and quizzes. She advertised on websites like Neopets and other sites with basic flash games. A lot of her sites had banner-like images that were interesting to look at, or had engaging color schemes. I took a lot of inspiration from the way she used to design her sites, and I tried to make the template's layout resemble something that she might enjoy. As a kid I considered her the "Bob Ross" of web development -- her artistic templates and easy-to-follow tutorials were always so fun to work with and learn from.

Because I am a certified web developer, I return to school every few years or so in order to renew my skills. This was just a student project, which is why it is so simple and straightforward. The use of background images was a requirement of the class, and although I did get a lot of cool sketches of the winter trees, I'm glad I ended up using clipart and public domain images. The theme looks generic and customizable, but with the artistic quality I was aiming for.